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I made some phone calls to HEB today, and it seems that the person working
on the gf list for HEB has changed to a different person.  I am trying to
track him down, and I would really like to get all their rotisserie chickens
identified.  I don't see any reason why wheat needs to be added to a roasted

I am saving all these messages from the e-list, and plan to share it with
the HEB person when I get the right person identified.  Of course, I won't
identify the people who wrote them.  I just want HEB/CM to know of all the
business that they could have.  And most of us shop for a whole family that
would eat whichever chicken is safe for the celiac.

Anne Barfield
210 340-0648

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I think that soy sauce is the most likely culprit.  It amazes me how many
flavors that are not associate with Asian food use soy sauce in the
marinades.  Another problem is chicken stock.  Many of those contain flour.

I do not use these chickens a lot.  But from the times that I have and
talked to folks and read ingredients, the ones that are most of the time
problematic are the heavily flavored and seasoned one.


At 09:33 PM 10/13/2006, you wrote:

  As a relative newcomer to the GF issue, I'm surprised that rotisserie
chicken is not GF.  What are they putting on the chicken that contains
gluten?  I really would like to be educated about this.

  I know I bake and grill meats all the time and have for  many years before
I found out about a year ago that we had a gluten issue in our family.
Other than using something with soy sauce as a marinade or sauce, I can't
think of a single time that I've ever added anything with wheat or another
gluten-containing grain.

  Thanks for educating me!


  On 10/13/06, Peggy Zamora <pegzamo at yahoo.com> wrote:


    I am also frustrated that HEB discontinues products I

    can use and they don't respond to requests to stock

    items, I have tried repeatedly.

       I have found the Rice Crunch Ems (Health Valley)

    in a catalog--too bad we can't buy locally.  I order

    them from The Really Great Food Company, add .com to

    get site.    They also carry the Mi-Del cookies and a

    lot of mixes.


    --- jamesrevier at grandecom.net wrote:

    > I have been having a lot of problems with HEB, too.

    > Every once in a while they

    > are taking out familiar brands that are GF and

    > replacing them with off name

    > brands.  They also just told me last week that they

    > no longer carry

    > Johnsonville Stadium Brats.  I just got word that

    > they were GF, are reasonably

    > priced and very good.  Now they are discontinuing

    > them.  I don't understand it.

    >  I see them one week and they are gone the next, so

    > someone is buying them.

    > They also used to carry Health Valley Rice

    > Crunch'ems Cereal.  Week after week,

    > they don't have it (neither does our Sun Harvest

    > store).


    > Word has it we may be getting a Super Walmart in our

    > end of town.  Can hardly

    > wait!!!


    > Meanwhile, I will ask about the rotisserie chickens,

    > too.


    > Sue



    > Quoting Anne Barfield <annebarfield at satx.rr.com >:


    > > I have been trying to get HEB and CM interested in

    > this issue out for almost

    > > a year now.  I am not sure why nothing appears to

    > be happening, but it looks

    > > like it is time to bring in bigger artillery.

    > >

    > > Here is what I propose.....

    > >

    > > The first thing to do is for each of us to call

    > their local store, or speak

    > > to the manager that knows or recognizes you.  ASK

    > them to clarify this

     dilemma.  Also ask them to check with

    > their supplier about this.

    > > Then ask them WHO is the person that makes these

    > decisions  Get a contact

    > > for that person and then start asking them the

    > same questions.  If we all

    > > pester them persistently, perhaps they will

    > finally get a clue and decide to

    > > fix the chickens without any wheat.  We all know

    > that it does not take wheat

    > > to roast a chicken!

    > >

    > > Meanwhile, I will continue to work on it with the

    > contacts I have at HEB.

    > > If you get any helpful contacts and phone numbers,

    > please let me know.

    > >

    > > Anne Barfield

    > > www.chickenparadise.com

    > > 210 340-0648

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    > Chicken

    > >

    > >

    > > This can be confusing so bear with me.  The Food

    > labeling law requires that

    > > the 8 major food allergens be listed in plain

    > language.  There are 2 ways to

    > > do this.  Next to the modified food starch they

    > can say put (wheat) or on

    > > the bottom they can have a contains statement,

    > Contains: Wheat.  Bold

    > > labeling is not required.

    > >

    > > In spite of what the regional manager said, the

    > fact that they are labeling

    > > the milk and not the wheat would suggest that

    > there is no wheat in the

    > > chicken.  If they are following the food labeling

    > law you would think they

    > > would do it for all 8 allergens and not just milk.

    >  Also it is very rare to

    > > find wheat in modified food starch.  So, I called

    > HEB.  They told me that

    > > each chicken is different.  While the green

    > flavored may be gluten free, the

    > > blue flavored may not be.  And this is not

    > information that they have

    > > available.

    > >

    > > HEB has agreed to research this and get a list to

    > me of which chickens are

    > > which are not GF.  I will let you know as soon as

    > I get the information.

    > >

    > > Francie

    > >

    > >

    > >

    > >

    > >

    > > At 12:13 PM 10/10/2006, you wrote:

    > >

    > >   Thank you.  I actually just got off the phone

    > with HEBs Regional Deli

    > > Director who told me the modified food starch is

    > from wheat.  My

    > > understanding of the new label laws is that if

    > wheat is in one of the

    > > ingredients, even just part of one of the

    > ingredients, it has to be listed

    > > in bold.  Am I correct in this?  Because thats

    > not the way they had theirs

    > > labeled.

    > >

    > >

    > >



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    > Chicken

    > >

    > >   I called on it in April, their chickens are NOT

    > GLUTEN-FREE. The chickens

    > > at Randall's, however, are gf.

    > >

    > >   Chelsea

    > >

    > >

    > >   On 10/10/06, Tonya Preece <info at trengineer.com>

    > wrote:

    > >

    > >   Does anyone know if the original whole

    > Rotisserie chicken at HEB is gluten

    > > free?  In the ingredients list at the bottom in

    > bold it says COINTAINS:

    > > MILK, but above it also says modified food starch.

    > >

    > >   Thanks

    > >

    > >








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