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The following are the responses to the question I asked about upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010.
Thanks to all who responded!!

/The question:

We are considering whether to upgrade our staff and public computers to Microsoft Office 2010 and would
be interested to learn whether other libraries have upgraded, are planning to upgrade (if so, when) or do not plan to upgrade to
Microsoft Office 2010 and why./

The answers:

We upgraded about a year ago on the staff PCs. It was an adjustment, but overall a good experience. If you can afford some staff training, I would
recommend it.

We upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010.  We had staff go through some preliminary training beforehand.

..upgraded... mostly for two reasons. First, our old office was Office XP, that came with our Gates grant computers in 2002. Second, the local schools and junior college had upgraded to either 2007 or 2010 and we wanted to be more compatible.

We thought we would need to offer more support to the public but did not receive many questions after we made the upgrade.  Most had been exposed to at least Office 2007 (at other places) and so they had very few questions.

We are glad we got the licenses via TechSoup - as we are going to upgrade more often and not wait 7 or 8 years between upgrades.

They are already getting ready to release Office 15 for public preview. This means it will probably be out in the fall.

I did the staff machines last year, went to Windows 7 and the new Office -- LOVE LOVE it all.  We will do the patron machines in the near
future, they are currently on XP and Office 2007.  Someone else just posted on this, and the thing I shared with her was that I bought desk copies of
books for the staff.  First I updated the Library's collection and let them preview the books, then they picked the style of book they wanted.

We upgraded as soon as 2010 became available. Partly because people who were using our public computers needed 2010 and also because we want to be up-to-date in all of our technology.

We upgraded to 7 and have started the upgrade to 10.  Staff training will be required if you are upgrading from anything other than Office 7.  The ribbon is difficult to get used to, but it is doable.  Patron classes and support will be required as well. (Where is the print button was the major complaint in 7.  10 puts the File tab back.

I teach Microsoft Office 2010 and it is very much like 2007. ...We went with 2010 and the transition from 2003 to 2010 has been somewhat seamless. Our staff had to be trained b/c the public was taken aback. I love 2003, maybe b/c I have worked with it for years, but excel 2010 allows for so much more, I really like that component.

2007...is very much like 2010 with a few nuances. I would go with 2010 as long as your system and databases can accommodate it, b/c it will be one less change you will have to make to be cutting edge down the road. Just one note, right now most businesses are using 2007, but our 2010 classes are not discouraging job seekers from participating. Financially if you can do it I think it is a wise move.

Again, thanks everyone!!


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