[Speak] Pew report puts numbers behind YA internet usage, importance

Douglas Lord DLord at cslib.org
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The Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project ( http://pewinternet.org/default.aspx )[is designed to] ... "highlight the attitudes and behaviors of the Millennial generation, a cohort we define here as adults ages 18 to 29."   

One report, Social Media and Young Adults ( http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Social-Media-and-Young-Adults.aspx ), discusses blogging and other social networking, wireless use rates, cell phone ownership, and internet use.

Part 4 of this report, entitled "The internet as an information and economic appliance in the lives of teens and young adults," puts lots of useful statistics and numbers behind what we all know: that the internet is pretty darned important to YAs in terms of obtaining health information, for online purchasing, and for getting news.

Part 4 starts here ( http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Social-Media-and-Young-Adults/Part-4/1-Online-health-information.aspx?r=1 ).

This report was generated from results of a survey conducted "between June 26 and September 24, 2009 of 800 adolescents between ages 12 and 17."

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