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InfoPeople: Cuddle Up & Read: Storytimes for Teen Moms - Aug. 9th (Online)

*Are you interested in working with pregnant and parenting teens?

*Do you already have a program started and are looking for more tips on how to effectively serve this population?

*Did you not realize this is a population in your community?

Webinar attendees will learn:

*About the Cuddle up & Read programs in San Diego

*How to establish successful community partnerships in order to create a literacy based program for teen parents and their children

*How to improve their existing literacy based programs for pregnant and parenting teens.

See http://infopeople.org/training/cuddle-read-storytimes-pregnant-and-parenting-teens for more info.

LJ: The Post Recession Library: Why Technology is No Longer a Luxury - Aug. 17th (Online)

How can libraries and librarians utilize the economic downturn to reintroduce themselves to their community? Now more than ever, libraries are uniquely positioned to lead their communities. Technology is no longer a luxury but a way to continue to provide services to a community that so desperately needs them. By embracing technology the library can reinvent itself in the midst of tough economic times. See http://www.libraryjournal.com/lj/tools/webcast/891521-388/the_post_recession_library_why.html.csp

InfoPeople:  Using Technology for Time Management - Aug. 18th  (Online)

*Are you looking for a jumpstart to increase your time management skills?

*Are you interested in finding ways to use your smartphone to optimize your daily planning?

*Are you looking for ways to save on paperwork and clutter?

Learn to work smarter, not harder to increase your time management skills to prioritize task and daily activities, and eliminate unnecessary activities.

By the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

*Have a comparison of at least three types of time management systems.

*Be familiar with 4 smart phone time management programs.

*Be familiar with the basics of the time management process to maximize work productivity.

See http://infopeople.org/training/using-technology-time-management for info.

ADA Online: Introduction to Mobile Computing - Sept. 13th (Online)

This session is an introduction to the value of mobile computing for people with disabilities. It will include popular devices such as iPad and the netbook and discuss accessibility features of importance. Case studies and practical examples will be given. See https://adagreat.powweb.com/Webinar/AccessibleTechnology/Schedule/  for more info.

LE at D: Ten Tips for Book Programs for Babies - Aug. 25th (Online)

In those few moments when a baby relaxes and cuddles in your lap as you read them a book, a wonderful thing is happening-babies learn that books contain words, pictures, and stories that interest them. You can start teaching early literacy skills to babies without them or their grownups even knowing that that's what you are doing! Whether you are preparing programs for babies in your library or community center, teaching early literacy skills to daycare providers, or providing support to new parents in an outreach program, a few tips can make your work easier and more productive, as well as more fun and effective for the babies and their adults. See https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/987739841 for more info.

ADA Online: Introduction to Mobile Computing -Sept. 13th (Online)
This session is an introduction to the value of mobile computing for people with disabilities. It will include popular devices such as iPad and the netbook and discuss accessibility features of importance. Case studies and practical examples will be given. See https://adagreat.powweb.com/Webinar/AccessibleTechnology/Schedule/ for more info.

ALCTS: Book Repair for Libraries - Sept. 14th (Online)

Participants will become familiar with several types of basic repairs for bound circulating collections materials in school, public, and academic libraries. Tip-ins and basic page repairs, hinge tightening, and a variety of spine repairs will be covered. Techniques will be illustrated and demonstrated with text, images, and video. Links to other resources will be provided. Repairs and conservation treatments on rare and special collections materials will NOT be discussed. See http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/alcts/confevents/upcoming/webinar/pres/091411.cfm for more info.

LE at D:Stop Managing Too Much with Too Little, with Pat Wagner - Sept. 15th (Online)

'Time management' is too often a code phrase for "Burn Yourself out for the sake of the team." Instead, create an operations plan with precise target audiences and limited goals, but improved products and services. The most difficult step: deciding what you will stop doing, so you can free up time, money, and staff for better quality work.

Throwing darts at a wall is not the best way to choose what to eliminate. We will review several tested, practical strategies that help make hard decisions. Topics include reviewing the iron triangle (time, cost, quality), creating a working strategic plan, establishing priorities, ethical constraints, and making hard choices. See https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/534864312 for more info.

Innovations from America's Best Small Libraries 2011 - Sept. 20th (Online)

Library Journal's annual Best Small Library in America Award, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was created in 2005 to encourage and showcase the exemplary work of libraries serving populations under 25,000. In collaboration with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries<http://www.arsl.info/>, we are hosting this webinar with 2011 finalists. This year's winner, Naturita Community Library (CO), serves a population of only 2,100 with technology, distance education, and programming supporting all the community's lifelong learning needs. The Ames Free Library (MA) bridges the computing gap with a nimble thin-client network, wireless access, and laptops for patron use, along with Computer Tutors who help bring patrons to the next level. Page Public Library (AZ) offers almost daily programs for patrons across the age spectrum and addresses patron technology needs including equipment to access distance learning. Join Susan Rice, branch supervisor, Naturita Community Library;  Paul Paladino, director, Montrose Regional Library District; Madeline Miele Holt, director, Ames Free Library;  Debbie Winlock, director, Page Public Library; and Library Journal's executive editor, Rebecca Miller for an hour of innovative and practical inspiration from three of America's best small libraries. See <https://oclc.webex.com/oclc/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=717852924>  http://bit.ly/ok5ntN  for more info.

Putting the Public Back in Public Libraries: Community-Led Libraries - Sept. 26th (Online)

While public libraries are generally viewed as inclusive spaces, there are large segments of community that do not use them.  Beginning in 2004, four large urban library systems from across Canada - Vancouver, Toronto, Regina and Halifax Public Libraries - spent four years working in socially excluded communities, to determine how to make public library services relevant to the needs of underserved communities.  As a result, it was discovered that when communities are involved in the identification, development and delivery of library services, there can be an exhilarating effect. Since the conclusion of the highly successful Working Together Project (2004-2008), public libraries from across Canada have integrated community-led approaches and techniques. This webinar, brought to you in collaboration with Library Journal, will discuss the major outcomes of the project and provide examples of how the bringing this approach into library service planning makes libraries even more relevant to local needs. Presenters: Tracey Jones-Grant, manager of ELL, Literacy and Diversity Services, Halifax Public Libraries; Ken Williment, community development manager for Halifax Public Libraries; and Randy Gatley, community librarian, Vancouver Public Library. See http://bit.ly/nnQoB7 for more info.

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