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Hi Phriends, 

                     You all remember the devastation  in our ocean due to the  explosion of the Oil Rig.


                       Because of that event Connie Church and The De Lei' Parrots held  the Ist " One Love One Ocean " benefit  It was a great success. The De Lei'ed Parrots went on and held  three more One Love One Ocean Benefits for many others in need.

                      This Sat. The De Lei' ed Parrots will be holding the Fourth  One  Love One Ocean Benefit  for our Dear Friend and fellow parrot head Fran Blevin  . 

                     Fran continues to be an inspiration to so many . Fran has been bravely battling cancer for several years. She continues to help and assist so many others. Her devoted daughter Teresa  , from California) ( has  been with  Fran .

                      We have said  goodbye  to many of our loved  ones and friends.

This is our opportunity to say HELLO to Fran as she continues to inspire all of us.                     


 Please Join Us

                                    Sat, March 7, 2015



                                      8803 W Gulf Blvd

                                       Sunset Beach, Fl. 33706


                  "  Very  often people don't  so much doubt their guidance as   

                     their  ability to follow it. This is where friends- the right kind of 

                     friends- come in.

                     Surround yourself with companions who encourage you to trust

                     your inner voice.    Keep company with those willing to  believe

                      in you. With their help and support, you will come to believe in

                       you as well."

                                                                               Love  and hugs,

                                                                                 Moma Vera


                                            See you all. Saturday

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