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September 14, 1994 – Capt n’ Harry and Sarah Sunshine began
the Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in Paradise Club with 8 people.                  Today Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in one of the largest, most active clubs in the world! Well respected and going strong with approximately 600 members, we celebrate our 21st birthday today. Message from Capt n’ Harry that was read at the Birthday Bash Saturday evening. 

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa bay Parrot Heads - Sarah and I would like to wishes could be with you and we wish everyone a Happiest of Birthdays as we finally become legal at 21. It awesome to see the club continue to grow and maintain so many of the programs that were started so many years ago, as well as the fantastic new ones that have been added the past 8 years. Most of all it's just great to know so many people are having so much fun, meeting new friends, leaving the world a little better then they found it and having a blast doing it. Thank you all so very much for keeping the Tampa bay Parrot Head spirit alive and well. As founders of this wonderful club, if you have children as I have two grown daughters and Sarah two sons, seeing this club continue to grow and reach new heights is just like watching your children grow up and accomplish their dreams and goals. We are VERY PROUD AND HAPPY PARENTS OF THIS CLUB. Don't ever lose the spirit. Don't ever stop having fun! Always make fun a priority in your lives. It's the only way to live. So please everyone raise your drinks up high and on behalf of myself, Sarah, McGill, Mikeeeeeeee, Karen, Queenie, Gail, Diane, Papa Smurf, Jimmy and all of the Tampa Bay Parrot Heads of the past 21 years that made this club so awesome, let me say "IN EACH OF YOUR HONOR TAMPA BAY PARROT HEADS, WHAT TIME IS IT? It'S TIME FOR A TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM DRINK," WE LOVE YALL!


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