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Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot 
Registration for MOTM ends 

Top 10 Reasons to Register for 
Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head Convention
Peter Mayer and the Coral Reefers put on a great show at 

Top 10 Reasons to 
Register for MOTM
1. Mini Mart: You can’t find these vendors in one place any 
other time, ever. Most are not in Key West at all, so this is the only place to 
find so many vendors with cool stuff completely geared towards Parrot Heads.

2. The Casa Marina Resort: Nowhere else on the island can 
you simultaneously lie in a hammock, listen to live Trop Rock Music, enjoy water 
lapping on the beach, work on your tan and look up at the perfect palm tree 
view. Need to cool off after the beach? Jump in one of the huge swimming pools 
(nope, you don’t have to be a hotel guest). Oh, and the sunset is pretty 
spectacular from the Casa Marina pier.
Sunset view from the beach at the Casa 
3. Shuttle Vans: That’s right, no need for a car or cab, 
just flash that MOTM badge and you’ve got a ride anywhere up and down Simonton 
St. between the Casa and the Wharf. But you and I both know, they’ll drop you 
off at Hog’s if they’re not too busy.

4. The Sauce Boss: Only place you’re going to see the 
legendary Sauce Boss on the island. Oh, and he’s cooking you a cup of gumbo.

5. Jimmy Buffett Memorabilia: Cool Buffett mementos could be 
yours, just holler out the winning bid during the live auction. Instant 

6. Trop Rock Music Awards: The Trop Rock Music Awards are 
back at the Casa Marina and part of the official convention. A variety of live 
music from Trop Rock artists and award presentations specifically recognizing 
the hard work these musicians put into their original songs. Not to mention 
their life of traveling across the nation to entertain many Parrot Head 
Trop Rock Music Association Awards. Tom & Michelle 
Becker also known as ‘Latitude”
7. Raffles Galore: No other place in the world can you find 
so many amazing baskets filled with Parrot Head treasures. And all the dollars 
go to charity! You know you want one.

8. Let the Music Come to You: The best part of hanging at 
the Casa all day is the musicians come to you, instead of you chasing them 
around the island. Sit back and relax (by the poolside bar?), here comes the 
Trop Rock.
Jerry Diaz’s Late Night Jam at the Casa. Jerry Diaz, 
Howard Livingston and Sunny Jim on pans.
9. Coral Reefers: Only if you’re registered are you going to 
see Peter Mayer & Brendan Mayer, Club Trini / Coral Reefers, and John Frinzi 
with the Coral Reefers playing the best Buffett album ever, A1A, from beginning 
to end.
Peter Mayer and the Coral Reefers at the Casa Marina 
during Meeting of the Minds.
10. Mac McAnally: Do I really need to say anything else? Ok, 
just in case you’re not familiar: Mac is a 7 time CMA Musician of the Year 
sweeping this award now since 2008. You know him as Jimmy Buffett’s Guitarist 
and as Mac likes to joke that he’s the “generic stand-in” for songs that require 
a duet with Jimmy in concert (example: “It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere”).

Amazing guitarist, gifted songwriter (you know he wrote “Down the Road,” a 
number 1 hit he sings as a duet with Kenny Chesney), exceptional vocalist and as 
humble as they come. Mac is the real deal. Even if you don’t partake in any of 
the other awesome benefits on this list, you can think of your registration as a 
Mac McAnnaly concert ticket…. it’s totally worth it.
Mr. Mac McAnally puts on an incredible show during the 
Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head Convention.
Registration closes on Sept. 15th. 
Register for Meeting of the Minds at: Parrot Heads in Paradise 
(PHIP) website

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