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  Helloooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!
Some of you have been asking how you can join the Trop Rock Assn. Listed on this communication are the links to sign-up
Music on the Bay is in competition for the Event of the Year and we sure would like to have a TRIFECTA (we have won for 2013 & 2014) and win for 2015!!! If you join, you can vote for MOTB. 
This year is the first year that the Award ceremony will be broadcasted. If you're going to Meeting of the Minds, please come out and join us!
 We've got BIG BIG NEWS about the 2015, Trop Rock Music Awards Show!!!
The Trop Rock Music Association has partnered with, Parrot Heads In Paradise and DigiPub- A1A Productions to bring to the world a Trop Rock Music History Making Event! 
For the first time ever, the Trop Rock Music Awards will be presented in a live global broadcast.  
Be a part of this history making event, by either attending the Awards show in Key West, or by viewing it at home.    For more information on viewing the Trop Rock Music Awards click on the link below.  http://trma2015.fyi-earth.com/page5.html
Mark your calendar for the 8th Annual Trop Rock Music Awards on November 5th, 2015 at 8pm. This year the awards show will be back at the Casa Marina Resort in Key West as a part of MOTM. If you are registered for the Meeting of The Minds Convention you will be able to attend the awards show for free.
Final round ballots for the 2015 Trop Rock Music Awards have been sent out to all current members. Voting ends on September 30th. 
If you know anyone who would like to be part of the voting process please tell them it's as easyas joining the Trop Rock Music Association. 
 To learn more about the voting process visit: http://www.troprock.org/musicawards.htm  and scroll all the way down.                               
Do you know anyone who would like to be apart of Trop Rock Music history by voting in the Trop Rock Music Awards?  If so, tell them to visit www.troprock.org. Or they can go to this link: http://www.troprock.org/apps/webstore/. There, they can join us and help us continue our mission to Preserve and Promote Trop Rock as a musical genre, and keep the music going (and growing) for future generations. All memberships include monthly e-newsletters, special updates, special discounts and your opportunity to cast your vote in the Trop Rock Music Awards.  Please remember that we are ALL volunteers, so anything you can do to help us on our mission is hugely appreciated!  If you have time and skills to offer, or any suggestions, please let us know.
As a grass roots organization, we need our members to be looking for opportunities to promote Trop Rock in their communities.  We are always available to bounce ideas around, and help in any way we can, but it's up to each one of us to do their part.  Be sure to Sign In on our website to register for Member Discounts and to post on our Forum!   Keep Trop Rockin'! Tom   		 	   		  
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