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Hello Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!


What time is it?????????????   It's time to congratulate the Executive Committee who will lead our wonderful Club for the next two-year term beginning January 1, 2017.


What's that you say???  You didn't get a ballot in the mail???  And you didn't vote???


No, you didn't sleep through the elections.  What happened was that potential Candidates had until midnight, July 25, 2016, to throw their hats into the election ring, and as of that time I only had one Candidate for each of the three positions.  Therefore, in my capacity as Elections Committee Chairperson, I announce that a vote will not be necessary.  Each Candidate automatically wins the position for which they were running.


The three Candidates who "volunteered when called upon" and threw their hats into the ring are the same three Officers who currently lead the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club today.  Congratulations to them all!


    President/Captain:           Dorothy Bedlin "Lovely Lady"

    Vice-president/FirstMate:   Joyce Cavaliere " Kahlua Kutie" 

    Treasurer/Purser:             Jennifer O'Connor


Herein I attach their Campaign Statements so that you can read the plans that they all have for the future leadership of the Club.


You may be asking yourself, who will be serving as the Secretary /Yeoman for this next term? Well, as of the deadline no one had “thrown their name in the hat” for that position. 

Not to worry…. The Fruitcake Board will have that spot filled before the start of the new term on January 1, 2017.  Details to come.


Should you desire to offer your personal congratulations to them before you see them at the next meeting, you can go the Club's website, http://www.finsup.com/<http://www.finsup.com/> .  Click on the Fruitcakes tab, then click on their photos to obtain their email addresses.


Congratulations to the upcoming Executive Committee for the term 2017-2019!!


Fins Up!
Tim Gerlach

Elections Committee Chairperson 



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