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What time is it?????
It's time to come and listen to the Rich "Schooner" McGuire at our meeting this Wednesday, 8/17/16, 6:30pm at Whiskey Joe's!!!!! 
Wear your TBPH name badge! 
It's summer months and parking is at a premium. Come early....stay late. 

Please RSVP so that Whiskey Joe's can anticipate how much food to make for us!!!!
RSVP by Monday, 8/15 5pm either by using link or on Facebook event. 
Click the link below or cut n paste to view the event page and to RSVP


Sign-up sheets @ Welcome Court…
Please give everyone time to set-up - sign-ups, membership, raffle & Fins to da Left store are from 6:30-8pm. 
14th Annual Bar Stroll, August 19-21, Mixology $10 per room, Judges (anyone tasting the drinks) $10, Poker Run $10 per person. 

We need volunteers for Registration and Poker Run!
22nd Birthday Bash, September 16-18 - $45 Parrot Head, $55 non-parrot head. You can pay online at www.finsup.com<http://www.finsup.com/>. 

Need volunteers!
Last night to order your TBPH club t-shirt at Fins to da Left store

14th Phintastic Bar Stroll - Progressive bar stroll (Mixology) Friday night, Pool party Saturday, Bar Stroll Saturday night.

Dates: 8/19-8/21/16, Holiday Isles Resort, 14711 Gulf Blvd., Madeira Beach, FL 866-394-0751 Coolers, drinks and food ARE ALLOWED at the pool area. The pool area has grills and a Tiki hut picnic area. 
Carpool, carpool, carpool..one car per room allowed. Pet PHriendly!

Time to book your Birthday Party Room and start thinking about your Saturday night outfit. 
Theme is denim or diamonds - which would you wear to Party at the End of the World?
Call the Holiday Inn Harbourside at 727-595-3410 to make your reservation for the 22nd Birthday Bash (9/16-9/18). 
Deadline to book at the Tampa Bay Parrot Head rate is August 16, 2016. 
Please book through the TBPH block at the Hotel so we can get the room nights towards the band rooms. 


We can use some silent auction items.  You can bring to any meeting through 9/7. See Sharon Leverett.

Save the Dates:
Bar Stroll 8/19-8/21/16
22nd TBPH Birthday Bash 9/16-9/18/16
Pirate Water Taxi 10/8/16
Pre-MOTM Pit Party 10/29/16
25th MOTM 11/2-11/6/16
Holiday party 12/10/16
6th Annual MOTB 3/2-3/5/17

FINS UP!!!!!

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