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Tick Tock..Tick Tock... have you  registered for the

2013, 2014 & 2015 TRMA's Trop Rock Event of the Year??????


Registration deadline is right around the corner for $80 Registration and goody bag....

It goes up to $90 after January 15th. 

Deadline to get a goodie bag is 1/15/16.

  Go to www.musiconthebay.org<> for details, room information (PH rates through 2/2/16 & 2/3/16) and to register today!


We need your help for Music on the Bay Raffle, benefiting the Children of the Shriners Hospital.  We need donated BASKETS and RAFFLE ITEMS.  Please contact Sharon Leverett at charities at finsup.com<mailto:charities at finsup.com> or bring items to TBPH club meetings (1/20, 2/3, & 2/17) at Whiskey Joes.


Also if you have 18 or 24 empty Corona boxes, we are going to use these this year to make our baskets. 

FINS UP!!!!!


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