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Theresa and Terry Henson champion Operation Gratitude, backed by Jimmy Buffett, in November. 1.5 Million packages have been sent to our Military.






1.5 Million Smiles and Counting

Dear Friends,

We're already more than half-way through Military Appreciation Month, but we still have much work to do!  We will spend Armed Forces Day -- this Saturday -- assembling thousands of care packages for Deployed Troops and New Recruits.  We can't think of a better way to honor our heroes!
We received this email from a Soldier who explains in just a few lines the impact an Operation Gratitude care package can have:
"All of the snacks, letters, and hygiene necessities give us such a big morale boost.  Whether we're feeling a bit lonely or just tired from training, it's impossible not to smile when reading the letters from kids and students thanking us, seeing their creative illustrations, and their curiosity in the military.  I can't imagine how many smiles your program has put on service men and women's faces but we're beyond grateful for what you do for us.  Again, thank you!  E.U., U.S. Army"
You can sponsor the shipment of more care packages like these. Make your tax-deductible gift today, and we will include a beautiful card with your name inside each package you sponsor.
THANK YOU for helping us boost morale and create more smiles!  We could not do this without your generous support.


Carolyn Blashek, Founder



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