TBPH Fw: Please cast your votes for WEDU Be More Awards!!!

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Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!

6 days left - To vote for TBPH and MOTB, you need to go to Entrepreneurial section and click on my name. This is the way they had to submit it for the awards.

You can vote once a day on many devices. Click on this link.

Vote here for the Shriners video: http://www.wedu.org/bemore/relevant/
Vote here for Dorothy (TBPH_MOTB): http://www.wedu.org/bemore/entrepreneurial/

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Subject: FW: Please cast your votes for WEDU Be More Awards!!!

Here are the links to vote! It has begun! Please let all the Parrot Head clubs know about this and encourage them to vote for you and for our video in the Relevant category!

Many thanks,

From: Buie, Lisa
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2016 12:48 PM
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Subject: Please cast your votes for WEDU Be More Awards!!!

Team Tampa,

The voting has official kicked off for the WEDU Be More Awards. We have nominees in two categories: Be More Relevant (our Leadership Year in Review video) and Be More Entrepreneurial/Engaged Philanthropist Award (Dorothy Bedlin, president of the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club.)

Vote here for the video: http://www.wedu.org/bemore/relevant/
Vote here for Dorothy: http://www.wedu.org/bemore/entrepreneurial/

You may vote once a day per device. So charge up those laptops, tablets and phones and log on to that desktop! Feel free to share on social media with everyone you know. The more votes we get, the better chance of us making it to the finals to be chosen as WINNERS by the judges.

Thanks for all you do to promote our hospital and its mission.

Warmest regards,

Lisa Buie
Public Relations Manager
Phone: 813-972-2250 x 7612
Cell: 813-624-5355
Fax: 813-975-7127

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