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Click on the link and read an update from PHIP.

Good morning club leaders!

The fourth Quarter 2016 Tradewind Times edition is now available on line and ready for reading and sharing!  In this issue you'll find some important information about 25th Meeting of the Minds – the MOTM Service Projects where donations are needed and raffle tickets to purchase, the Zonta Walk, meetings for leaders, and the Lone Palm Foundation update and auction.  There is also good information on preparing for next year and the PHIP Annual Renewal.

There is an update on the 2016 Alzheimer’s walk and about the awards for the 2015 participating clubs at the General Membership meeting, the quarterly financial reports, Domino College, regional events and club birthdays.  So please share this email with your club members!

To access the newsletter go to this link:https://s3.amazonaws.com/busites_www/phipcom/1/1/pages/TradewindTimes1016.pdf
Or you can always find the newsletter by going to the PHIP website at http://www.phip.com/ then click on Club/Chapter Info then scroll down on the left side to select the Tradewind Times.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way!  Keep those posts and emails coming about how Parrot Heads "Party with a Purpose"!!  There are so many clubs and members out there doing good things!  Fall is here and it is almost time to head down to the party at the end of the road!

Hope to see some of you at MOTM in Key West really soon!

Sally Spenny
Editor, Tradewind Times

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