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MOTM registration deadline is 9/15/16. If you haven’t registered, go to http://www.phip.com/motmregistration<https://t.e2ma.net/click/41s6h/0y3pkh/k2rmfc>.





            The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2016 September Update! 




                                Hello Parrot Heads! Happy Labor Day! Can you believe registration closes in 10 days for Meeting of the Minds 2016? The excitement is building as soon we will be in Key West! The event will be here in no time! Don’t get left out! Register NOW! 


                                The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds  

                                Registration!! We have ten days left….we are approaching a SELL-OUT!!  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR REGISTERING THIS YEAR! WE NEED YOU EVERY YEAR AS YOU AND THE SPONSORS PAY THE BILLS!   

                                If we reach 3,500 registered prior to September 15th registration WILL be shut down! DO NOT GET LEFT OUT! We are going to have an AWESOME crowd in Key West this year and the event is going to ROCK! Please note mail-in registration was shut down on September 1 and the only way to register is online at this point. 

                                Upcoming MOTM Logistics and Communication 

                                I hope you don’t get tired of the MOTM email! Soon you will start seeing more emails about the Blood Drive, the Toy Drive, The Zonta Walk, and all kinds of things relating to MOTM 2016. The pace will accelerate in September as registration closes. The email will come in batches with contact information to answer all your questions! 

                                Do you have a MOTM Registration Question? 

                                Contact our Director of Registration Rick Fyffe via email at rjfyffe1 at ymail.com<mailto:rjfyffe1 at ymail.com>

                                Casa Marina Reservations? Please READ! 

                                We have had some hotel cancellations as we passed the 60 day deadline before the event. Some of the wait-list have been moved over already. We are watching this listing daily and your potential opportunity will come in the order in which your request was summited. Stand by as we will have a few more rooms open if history repeats itself. Rick Fyffe and the hotel team are managing this item week by week. 

                                The Meeting of the Minds Entertainment Schedule for 2016 

                                No new updates as of this writing! There are some things in the works and agreements will be made all the way up to the week of the event to add in a few things on the entertainment schedule. You can watch the online schedule before and during the event for updates. Bookmark this link on your computers and mobile devices:  http://www.phip.com/meeting-schedule<https://t.e2ma.net/click/41s6h/0y3pkh/0usmfc>   

                                This schedule will respond to your mobile device for reading and best of all you can read it at night! Note the online schedule is for events at the Casa Marina only as PHiP does not manage events offsite of the convention grounds with the exception of the Duval Street Festival on Friday. 

                                I am going to promote a few cds in production that I know about as I write this update. Ramajay Intercoastal, Thom Shepherd with Coley McCabe, and Don Middlebrook have new cds in the works. If you don’t have Keith Sykes' new release he will have it at MOTM as well! Will Kimbrough is cranking out so much new material of his own and producing so much material he will have some really cool cds at MOTM as well. Marshall Chapman just told me she is bringing a table full of cds! There may be other new cds coming but these are the ones I am aware of as I write this. I have heard a few of the tracks and they are all outstanding! Not only are we going to hear all of this great new live music YOU will have a chance to be among the first to own these new releases as the cds are all tracking to release as we hit the ground in Key West! YES there will be artists signing all of the merchandise you pick up at MOTM including the Coral Reefer Band. 

                                Meeting of the Minds Discounts for PARROT HEADS!!! 

                                Need a Rental Car for MOTM? Be sure to take advantage of your Budget Car Rental Discount! You can use this discount all year long! Just enter the code “X097865” also located on this page: http://www.phip.com/awards-discount-partners<https://t.e2ma.net/click/41s6h/0y3pkh/gntmfc> 

                                Need a RIDE in Key West? 

                                Don't forget the Parrot Head Shuttle is running on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 09:00 AM until 01:00 AM each day. Credentials are required to ride the shuttle as YOU pay the bill as a part of your registration cost. You can go to this link to read more about the shuttle:  http://www.phip.com/meeting-transportation<https://t.e2ma.net/click/41s6h/0y3pkh/wfumfc>

                                Margaritaville Key West Discounts MOTM 2016 

                                As a registered parrot head you need to wear your lanyard and credential downtown! You will get a 10% discount off all purchases in the Margaritaville store AND you get one free drink at Margaritaville in the BAR! They will punch your credential and serve you a special parrot head drink during MOTM! It pays to register for MOTM! 

                                MEETING OF THE MINDS FORUM 

                                Are you going to MOTM for the first time? Do you have questions? Do you want to share a room or a ride?  Well there is a new place for you to talk to the entire Parrot Head nation about MOTM. It is the online MOTM forum. Go join and check it out! This is a place for everyone to help each other, ask questions, and make the whole MOTM experience even better. Here is the link: 


                                Until next time, I’ll see you, down the road… 


                                Andrew Talbert
                                Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

                                PHiP Director of Conventions

                                The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds

                                Key West, Florida  "Here We Are"



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