TBPH Scholarship Judges Needed for 2017

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Tampa Bay, if you'd be interested in being a judge for the PHIP Scholarship contest.

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Please pass this on to your members.  I have done this in the past and enjoyed reading the entries.

Pam Hausle

Florida Regional Communicator

pjaustin78 at hotmail.com

Jim VanPelt

Florida Regional Communicator

jnvanpelt at att.net

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Hello Leaders:

The board is currently looking for individuals interested in judging our
scholarship applications for the year 2017.  You can send your responses to David Cohen, volcanodavid at roadrunner.com, with a short 50 word or less reason why you would like to be the judge of the contest and what you feel qualifies you to be a judge.  All are eligible for the judging except
those that may know someone in the contest or have a club member or relative who has submitted an application.

Thank you for your interest.

David Cohen, Secretary
Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc,
2017 Mini Mart Chair
2012-2017 Scholarship Chair
2013-2017 Scholarship Raffle Chair


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