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Tampa Bay Parrot Heads....if you'd like to help out Phellow Texas Parrot Heads, you can donate to the Lone Palm Foundation. This is a PHIP charity foundation to help Parrot Heads in need.

Jerry Diaz and Hannah's Reef will be our Saturday entertainment at the 23rd Birthday bash. If you have any hotel shampoos, soaps, etc sitting around, please bring them and we'll give them to Jerry to take back with him to Texas for his neighbors.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend's Eve All,

First off, let me thank ALL of You who have already donated to The Lone Palm Foundation for Hurricane Harvey relief, thanks to all the clubs that have held or are holding a fundraiser to support our South Texas Friends and thanks especially for all the love and support everyone has shown via emails and Facebook...

Nextus, I wanted to let you all know Hurricane Harvey just got real personal for me....A longtime Parrot Head and friend from South Texas just called and even though I'm not on the Lone Palm Board or involved in PHIP (other than being a local club member) asked me how to get in touch with The Lone Palm Foundation, seems they had my number in their cell phone and not much else. So what do you do, right? Well you help a PHellow Parrot Head the best you can....You pass on the info, you donate yourself and you reach out to others to help.

As Jim stated below if you can Help please do so cause as these folks dig/start drying out they are going to need so so much and we can be a part of that relief. SO let me put this in Parrot Head perspective for everyone, if all 35,000 plus Parrot Head Club members reduced their beer intake by just one case, or modest bottle of California Red this Labor Day Weekend and donated those funds to the Lone Palm Foundation figuring 20.00 a head, well now, that would work out to be a bit of a huge chunk of change...

So PLEASE PLEASE think about donating and EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, PLEASE PLEASE forward this or at the very least, forward Jim's email below, to all your Club Members so they can have a change to choose to help if they are able to do so. Remember, everyone doesn't see the PHIP_Club_Leaders emails, only a small handful of club leaders from each club do, hence the name Club Leaders List I guess. Anyway, thanks for reading this far down, and everyone that can have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend...

Papa  Zuest
Past PHiP President
Central Oklahoma Parrothead Association (COPA)

PS: Now to clarify, I'm not really say'in reduce your drink'in this Labor Day Weekend, what I am say'in is donate the price of a case of beer to The Lone Palm Foundation and I bet what you do drink will taste that much better.

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Subject: [PHIP_Club_Leaders] Hurricane Relief via Lone Palm Foundation

UPDATE... The Lone Palm Foundation board has been busy fielding calls and emails from clubs and members across the USA interested in assisting with Hurricane Harvey relief.

It is through your donations that we are able to give back when disasters like this occur... Parrot Heads helping Parrot Heads!

The foundation has started receiving Parrot Head Emergency PHUND donation requests and your assistance is needed.

To request assistance or to donate to help us continue our efforts please visit our website at:  www.lonepalmfoundation.org <http://www.lonepalmfoundation.org > ;

You can designate "Hurricane Harvey" in the comments line when making donation .
Disclaimer, if we don't receive requests for the earmarked donations, the above mentioned donations will be used for the general Parrot Head Emergency PHUND at a future date.

The Lone Palm Foundation is a 501c(3) registered non-profit organization.  Our board is made up of Parrot Heads from various clubs.  We are "Parrot Heads helping Parrot Heads"s

Be safe our PHRIENDS in TEXAS.

Jim Brogren
Midwest Region co-RC
President - Lone Palm Foundation
President - Lakes Area Parrot Heads
"2011 Golden Coconut"
mnparrotheads at yahoo.com<mailto:mnparrotheads at yahoo.com>
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