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RSVP today by 5pm!!!!

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!

What time is it?????????????

Time for a PHintastic meeting at Whiskey Joe's!!!!

Large check presentation for Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This is proceeds from Duck, Duck Booze from Birthday party.

The Yard does a "Teddy Bear" collection every year and we'd like to extend that drive to the meeting, so more kids get a bear. Bevie will be picking them up and taking them to the Shriner's Hospitals for Children to find a forever home! If you have a teddy bear that's in good shape and or one should "leap in your cart" as you are shopping, please bring them to the 12/5 meeting.

Come early....stay late---Entertainment plays until 10pm...
Entertainment by:
Eric Stone
Sprinkled through the titles of Eric Stone's eleven CDs lie a string of island adventures that every salty sailor hopes to have. "Bomba's Shack," "Dominica Discovery," "Bequia Kind of Day," "One Night at Corsairs" and "Goodbye Trinidad" are all stories lived and memories made by this talented sailing, surfing, songwriting singer.

His music is a comfortable mix of rock, pop and country but since all that he writes is water related he likes to describe his art as Nautical Americana. "Everything I do," he explained, "Revolves around sailing."

To the casual listener he's a Jimmy Buffett wanna-be but his song titled "Everybody wants to be Jimmy Buffett" straightens out that myth in the opening line: "I don't want to be Jimmy Buffett, I just want to be me." Although he does sometimes play the Margarita man's music in his shows and acknowledges that it has had an influence in his style, he's been on his own convoluted, melodious journey that started in the unlikely state of Texas.
 Please RSVP by Monday, 12/3 by 5pm. WJ's needs a head count for the buffet.


Cut n paste to RSVP
It's time to come out and kick-off the Holiday season with PHamily & PHriends.

Sign-up @ Welcome Court

Holiday party is around the corner and we need volunteers for:

  *   Registration from 6:30 - 8:30, total of 4 people for an hour each (check with Joyce on your times)
Set-up at 6:30pm
Tear down 11:45pm

Sign-up at the Welcome Court table at the 12/5 meetings.


Have MOTM or PHlocking pictures / videos, please send to tbphphotos at gmail.com<mailto:tbphphotos at gmail.com> .

Don't forget to visit our website at www.finsup.com<https://nam02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.finsup.com&data=02%7C01%7C%7C3eb4ca42682544ada41b08d656bfeb06%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636791779690385832&sdata=MC5UMbK%2BzBc65JrFAvkSqZbHef0KyIOiVdfzS2R0Nq8%3D&reserved=0>. There is a calendar for the year, so you can check your dates!

Email for Holiday party will be sent later this week....

Happy Hour PHlocking, Friday, Captain Bill's Kitchen, 12/7/18, 6:30pm.

TBPH Holiday Party (Saturday, 12/8/18) is right around the corner, soooooo it's time to start collecting unwrapped toys or canned and boxed food or pet toys and food!!!!!
BYOB and a dish to share. We need appetizers, vegetables an dinner sides. Mark "Bernie" will make the gravy!

Entertainment: Bill Cockrell and the Aquaholics


The Yard, Saturday 12/15, Jimi Pappas and the British Invasion, gate open at 6pm and entertainment begins at 7pm

BYOB, BYOC, dish to pass. If you'd like to join in the gift exchange, get a unisex gift, value of $10 and place it on the gift exchange table.

$20 donation for entertaineres

The seasons upon us, its that time of year, drinks and good friends, and plenty of cheer. There's lights on the trees, with mistletoe hung, gifts to be wrapped, and songs to be sung.

Most of us remember the 60s, when we were in our teens, when we listened to music on am radio. Learn the latest dances watching Dick Clark American Bandstand on a small black and white t/v . Life seemed simpler then, seen thru our eyes today, so lets turn back time, and go back to the past.

The British invasion was met with the golden age of music, and  with the American response, it was the battle of the bands, and it was a split decision. Too close to call one winner, both won, fans won, as the music still lives.   And the Yard is pleased to bring bring for your enjoyment a incredible talented group of musicians who all stand alone among their peers , and together will take us on a magical trip back to that time .



MOTB 2/27-3/3/19 - have you registered yet???? This is a great Holiday gift for anyone! Another Whiskey Joe's $100 gift certificate will be given away on 12/15. Two more chances to win and they can be used at the event.

FINS UP!!!!!
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