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Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!

Come out and enjoy PHriends at The Yard...

The Yard, Saturday 12/15, Jimi Pappas and the British Invasion, gate open at 6pm and entertainment begins at 7pm

BYOB, BYOC, dish to pass. If you'd like to join in the gift exchange, get a unisex gift, value of $10 and place it on the gift exchange table.

$20 donation for entertainers

The seasons upon us, its that time of year, drinks and good friends, and plenty of cheer. There's lights on the trees, with mistletoe hung, gifts to be wrapped, and songs to be sung.

Most of us remember the 60s, when we were in our teens, when we listened to music on am radio. Learn the latest dances watching Dick Clark American Bandstand on a small black and white t/v . Life seemed simpler then, seen thru our eyes today, so lets turn back time, and go back to the past.

The British invasion was met with the golden age of music, and  with the American response, it was the battle of the bands, and it was a split decision. Too close to call one winner, both won, fans won, as the music still lives.   And the Yard is pleased to bring bring for your enjoyment a incredible talented group of musicians who all stand alone among their peers , and together will take us on a magical trip back to that time.


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