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Wed Nov 28 07:34:32 PST 2018

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!

The Holidays are right around the corner and as a Parrot Head, the "Fins to da Left" store has some great items that would make great gifts.

TBPH Tervis tumblers / Yeti, TBPH jeweled pin / pendant, TBPH earrings, rhinestone parrot necklaces, earrings and more parrot phinalia!

Other Hot, new items!!!!

Pendant - $85; Earrings - $175 - for Men and women!

[cid:011c01d4872f$dcbf1530$546BD664 at DESKTOPRPESGQN]

[cid:011d01d4872f$dcbfd880$546BD664 at DESKTOPRPESGQN]

TBPH men's embroidered fishing shirt - $45 up to to XL, $5 per size up from XL
 [cid:011e01d4872f$dcbfd880$546BD664 at DESKTOPRPESGQN]

Men or women's embroidered camp shirt - $40 up to XL, $5 per size up from XL

 [cid:011f01d4872f$dcc09bd0$546BD664 at DESKTOPRPESGQN]

Music on the Bay registration - what better gift to give a loved one than registration for this PHantastic Event?????

$90 per person for 3 1/2 days of Trop Rock music at Whiskey Joe's on the shores of Tampa Bay.

What will the 6th TRMA "Event of the Year" winner come up this year to entertain and mesmerize you!!!!

Check out the FB video that Fred Wunder made on MOTB FB site!!!

Great for parakeets and PHamily time!

In Its 10th Edition: A Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Holiday "Family Book" Pick on Amazon
If you have loved ones who fancy an original pirate Christmas tale and wish to enhance your family's holiday tradition or begin a new, 'Pirate Night Before Christmas' by Mayor Gonzo Mays may be for your family. Filled with original artwork (no computer generated graphics) has made this book a family collectible. This year-round classic is the gift that is guaranteed to be opened again and again! Sells out by Dec. 2nd



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