TBPH Margaritaville Night 10/12 & clean-up t's

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Tue Jul 2 16:14:44 PDT 2019

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!

LAST night to sign-up at 7/3 meeting, so order your ticket now! We will distribute tickets as soon as they come in.

Join us on 10/12 for Margaritaville Night at the Rowdies!!!

Price: $23 pp
Place: Al Lange Stadium
Kick-off 7:30pm
Seats are located in Section 108, Rows 5-8.

Yes, there will be a tail-gate involved!!!!

Stay tuned...more information to come!!!


You asked for it....You got it Tampa Bay Parrot Head Beach Clean-up t's. Richard and Harri designed and had them on at April clean-up and everyone wanted them.

They'll be on sale through July 17th meeting and we'll wear them at the September clean-up. Choice of men's or women's and you can choose Neon yellow or orange or BOTH!!!

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