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Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!

Have parrot phanalia laying around that wants  new home? Items you won in a raffle and haven’t used? Out shopping and a bottle of booze ($10 value) or PHun stuphph leaps in your cart? Orrrrrrrrr just want to put together a nice basket to help TBPH raise money?

Welllllllllll – here’s your chance.

We have 3 meetings to collect for the 25th Birthday Bash and are looking for raffle items, baskets and alcohol for Duck, duck booze! Basket wrapping is on Sunday, 9/7 (TBA).

Attached is a raffle item / alcohol request letter that you can carry with you to a business. The charities we are raising money for is Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Friday night – Duck, duck booze) and Tampa Bay Watch (Saturday night – silent auction).

Sometimes we forget how important “party with a purpose” really is. I’d like to share what Tampa Bay Watch shared with us during the check presentation (proceeds from Kahuna’s Annual Pig Roast event) at the 7/17 TBPH meeting...

"Our volunteers and and supporters in the community, like you, are the backbone of our organization. Because of the ongoing support of groups like the Parrot Heads, we are able to directly impact the health of the gorgeous waters we all share through our diverse education programs and  our shoreline and habitat restoration programs around the bay.

In the past your contributions like this, have helped us...

- Lead 2,453 students to grow and plant 21,150 plugs of sea grass and salt marsh, restoring almost 2 acres of shoreline throughout the Tampa Bay area. Salt marsh stabilizes low lying coastal lands and provides protection and food sources for coastal food chains of many fish and marine mammals.

- Remove 2,287 pounds of debris from shorelines in several large-scale coastal clean-ups. Removing debris not only helps retain the beauty of our beaches and bay but also reduces the threat our waster poses to wildlife.

- Create 16,247 square feet of oyster shell bar with 229 pounds of fossilized shell, helping to reduce shoreline erosion and help promote oyster habitats that clean and filter the water in Tampa Bay.

- And in the spring we are opening the doors of our new, beautiful hands-on  educational center at the heart of the new Pier!

All of this is made possible by the consistent support of groups like this.
>From all of us at Tampa Bay Watch, thank you so much by your on going support! Our accomplishments would not be possible without the dedication of groups like yours. Thank You!

Mark your calendar for the Great Bay Scallop Search August 24th. The Great Bay Scallop Search is an annual monitoring event which Tampa Bay Watch recruits volunteers to snorkel along set tracts of bay waters to search for and count scallops in Boca Ciega and Lower Tampa Bay. The goal of the event is to monitor and document the bay scallop population".

Tampa Bay Watch will be on-site at the Birthday Bash  Saturday, 9/14 at poolside registration. Stop by and say "hi".

Every little bit helps and this is how YOU can help with TBPH fund raising.


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