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Bill's correct email: csinc321 at yahoo.com<mailto:csinc321 at yahoo.com> for games.

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!

What time is it???????
It’s time to celebrate TBPH’s 25th birthday!
Some rules…
Synchronized swimming – must have a bathing cap or some type of head covering. Turn the name of your team and song into Bill at csinc3231 at yahoo.com<mailto:csinc3231 at yahoo.com> no later than Tuesday 9/10.
Cardboard / duct tape boat races - Boat needs to be less than 10 feet long and made  ONLY from cardboard and duct tape. Boat must be able to hold a person and you can use anything you want for a paddle. The race is from one end of the pool to the other than back.
Looking forward to another PHabulous celebration coming up soon?  Well here's some scheduling info so you don't miss out on any of the PHun!
This is a general itinerary. You will receive a more detailed one at registration.
Charities are: Friday - Clearwater Marine Aquarium   Saturday - Tampa Bay Watch.

Tampa Bay Parrot Heads 25th Birthday Bash Schedule
September 13-15, 2019
Please note: No coolers or glass at events or at pool or beach area.
Wrist band required.
Friday September 13th - Marina Cove Conference Room
Pick up and wear TBPH 25th Birthday Bash t-shirt!
Mobile bar - we have to meet a minimum of $250, so please buy!
Registration  - 5 -7pm - Marina Cove conference Room (weekend guests - get your wrist band & TBPH 25th birthday pin)
Duck, duck, booze – 6-8pm $10 a ticket. Everyone is a winner and announcements to pick up booze will be made once all ducks are sold. PLEASE do not open them in the Marina Cove Conference Room.
Silent Auction preview 7-8pm Nautilus Room
Band: Cabana Dogs Band- 6:30 - 11:00
Saturday September 14th
Breakfast Specials - Periscope Restaurant - Buffet price is $12
Drink specials apply:
Mimosa $6
Bloody Mary’s $6
Registration - 11am-1pm - Poolside -(weekend guests - get your wrist band, & TBPH 25th birthday pin)
Pool Party – Jeff and the Camaros - 12-4pm - Maltese Pool
Mobile bar - we have to meet a minimum of $250, so please buy!
Pool games start at 2pm!!!!!!!

·       Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Races

·       Synchronized swimming
More to come..
Silent Auction (Nautilus Room): 4:30-7:00pm (winners announced at 7:45pm) - Bring your cash, credit cards and checks!
Saturday September 14th (Evening), Dress in Black and white with parrot head flair, Venetian masks to become “Gypsies in the Palace”!
Dinner Dance/Birthday Bash - Bar available (we have to meet a minimum of $250). No outside drinks. Bar opens at 6pm
Registration - 5:30-8pm - Marina Cove Conference Room (weekend guests - get your wrist band & TBPH 25th birthday pin)
Free Dinner Buffet for weekend registrants ONLY served 6-7:30pm
Lovely Lady kicks off party - 7:45pm
Band: Gary and the Landsharks - 8:00-9:00pm - Marina Cove Conference Room
Lovely Lady to introduce Capt’n Harry 8:30pm
Lovely Lady to recognize board 8:45pm
Band: Gary and the Landsharks - 9:30-10:30 - Marina Cove Conference Room
Lovely Lady to lead Happy 25th Birthday and party cake served - Marina Cove Conference Room
Band: Gary and the Landsharks - 11:00-til - Marina Cove Conference Room
Sunday, September 15th - Bloody Mary & Mimosa morning
Breakfast Specials - Periscope Restaurant - Buffet price is $12
TJ Walsh- Maltese Pool - 11:00am-1:00pm
Buy your drinks prior to 12pm in the Periscope restaurant
Runner from 12-1pm.
Bloody Mary $6
Mimosa $6

Arm Band is required for all events
Check in at 4pm
Check out at 11:00am.
No coolers or glass at events, the pool or beach area
Drink Prices (doesn't include tax):
16 oz. Can Beer Domestic $4 Ultra $4.50 Premium $4.75 - $5
12 oz. Stella $6 / Corona $4.75 / Landshark $5
Draft Beer Domestic $2.50 Premium $5.50
Well Drinks $4.00
Captain $5.50
Margaritas $6.00
Restaurants: Please Note: gratuity is always added in the main restaurant. It's not included at poolside or beachside/additional bar services.
Periscope Restaurant
Hours of operation:
Breakfast: 7am - 12pm
Dinner: 5pm-10pm
Banyan Tree Shack
Hours of Operation
Lunch: 12pm-5pm
Room service is available
SPA Services:
Call ahead for a massage or facial!

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