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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!

What time is it?????????????   It's time to congratulate the Executive Committee who will lead our wonderful Club for the next two-year term beginning January 1, 2021.

What's that you say???  You didn't get a ballot in the mail???  And you didn't vote???

No, you didn't sleep through the elections.  What happened is that potential Candidates had until midnight July 29, 2020, to throw their hats into the election ring, and as of that time we only had one Candidate for each of the four positions.  Therefore, in my capacity as Elections Committee Chairperson, I announce that a vote will not be necessary.  Each Candidate automatically wins the position for which he/she was running for.

The four Candidates who "volunteered when called upon" and threw their hats into the ring are…..

President/Captain:   Dorothy Bedlin "Lovely Lady"

Vice President/First Mate:    Jorge Diaz

Treasurer/Purser:    Trish Carney

Secretary/Yeoman:   Susan Bond

Listed below are their Campaign Statements so that you can read the plans that they all have for the future leadership of the Club.

Congratulations to the upcoming Executive Committee for the term 2021-2022!!

Fins Up!

Carol & Tim Gerlach

Elections Committee

Dorothy Bedlin - President / Captain "Lovely Lady"

I have been at the helm of TBPH for seven years and am very proud of the respect and energy of the club. My biggest pleasure is watching members having a wonderful time at an event or a meeting. Laughing and living life to the fullest.

I would like to lead TBPH for the next 2 years and build us back up to the largest club. Right now we’re the largest, most active, but we want to be #1!

I feel that I always have the “good of the club” on the forefront and believe that “it’s all about the all, not the one.” Any decision I make is for the good of the club.

Remember to “pay your dues”, so you can vote for the 4 elected board members.

I hope you vote for me!

Jorge Diaz - Vice President / First Mate

So what qualities do I possess that would benefit the TBPH in a positive way? Well I can say that I party well with others! I get along nicely with lots of people. I love to laugh, play, dance, sing, wisecrack, and in general live it up. I love to do these things as much as I can, without hurting or offending anyone. I have been told that I am very affable, approachable, and easy to talk to, and I strive to be better at it every day and minute! I love the music of JB, Kenny, Zac, Marley, as well as reggae, soca, calypso, country, Latin, EDM,  – you name it I can dance to it! But I especially love the Trop Rock genre that is coming into its own right before our eyes! I also have a passion for volunteering for a good cause. It’s rewarding to one’s own self, and its fun! I believe that these are all qualities of a good parrothead!

As for my past life, I was very fortunate to have worked at a great major airline for 29 years, and retire from it. And then I hooked onto another gig that I really enjoy for the past 12 years, doing the same work as I did before, at the same airport, and the same office! I love to be around airplanes, and have been very lucky to get paid to be around them since I was a kid. A lot of people can’t stand getting up in the morning and going to work, but I can’t wait for it!

I have also been blessed with having worked with a lot of great people in different organizations here in Tampa and abroad. I was honored to be the President of the Cuban Club in Ybor City, where our team led the Cuban Club and it’s Krewe of Mambi to new heights. We were able to take the nearly defunct club, instill a lot of fun, and charitable work, and attract new members by the hundreds. Ileana and I joined the club as the 30th and 31st members, and we helped it grow to over 250 fun loving, hardworking, giving, people who we still consider to be part of our large extended family.

We were able to turn the Cuban Club building around, and bring it back from the near death of being condemned. We turned the venue into a business, brought in weddings, corporate events, shows, and of course EPIC krewe parties. As the funds started to come in we started repairs to the aging building. Anyone who attended one of the old Krewe Krash Parties, or WMNF’s Tropical Heatwave, remembers the incredible times we had. They too were “parties with a purpose!” We met a LOT of people and were very blessed, and honored to have been invited to many Tampa Bay social events. Yes it was a lot long hours and hard work, but it was FUN, rewarding to our spirit as volunteers, and it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

One day, during one of the parades, a great friend, Bad Cheryl the Slut (may she R.I.P), came to us and said, “you guys gotta come and join the Parrotheads, you’ll love it!” We didn’t join at that time do to LIFE events, but it stayed stuck in my mind. A few years later our lives got back to a semblance of  “normal” and I remembered what Bad Cheryl said, so we stumbled over to Whiskey Joes a few years ago and met the greatest people in the world! We instantly fell in love with the Phamily and were happy to volunteer when called upon - or not! Bad Cheryl was right – we loved it!

So for “credentials” I feel that I have a varied past full of experiences that will help me to cope and deal with many situations, and an outlook on life that will bring out the positive side of every issue. I like music of many different genres, but most of all I LOVE Jimmy Buffett & TROP ROCK! I have been told I have a good ear, and I am passionate about good music and talent. I don’t just love live music, I LIVE the MUSIC!

The best part of my “credentials’ is the fact that I have the best BOSS on the planet! Anyone who’s met my wife Ileana has felt the aura of her fun, crazy, and caring persona. She is the hardest working, most caring person I know, and I am lucky enough to have her “adjusting my sails” and keeping me on an even keel. She’s my driving force that makes me strive to do the right thing, every day, in everything I do!

2020 has been a rough year so far - to say the least! We need to get through this pandemic turmoil safely so that we can enjoy our music, lifestyle, and friends, once again. It will take some strong leadership to make the tough decisions that are bound to come up. The executive board must take a lot of things into consideration so the decisions won’t be easy to make or much less swallow! So if you so choose me to continue in my position as the First Mate, I promise to be a good Parrothead, and do MY BEST to help the club make the right moves, keep our members safe, and bring back the fun to another level of EPIC!         SHOTOVODKA!!!

Trish Carney - Treasurer / Purser

Fins Up to my Tampa Bay Parrot Head Phamily!
My name is Trish Carney and I have been a member of the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club since 2015 after moving to Florida by myself and not knowing anyone. That quickly changed as I became more involved with the club and got to know all the wonderful Parrot Heads that I now call my phamily!! I have enjoyed volunteering “When Called Upon” as well as participating in the many activities and events that our club has.
In 2018 I was asked to be on the board as “Chief Officer of Bounty” - an assistant to the Treasurer/Purser with the responsibility of collecting monies from each meeting/event and depositing to the bank along with a report sent to the Treasurer. At the end of 2019 the club’s Treasurer felt she needed to step down from her 2-year commitment and asked if I would consider completing her term. The Executive Board and Board members voted me in for the remainder of her term and I have taken on this role as an honor with the club’s best interest when conducting all matters concerning the finances as well as all executive decisions.
I was taught money management at an early age from my parents. As kids we were taught to keep record of our allowance and expenses and had to balance those records before receiving our allowance each week. This led to balancing my checking account monthly as I made my way into adulthood and being on my own. I worked for the US Postal Service for 17 years. Ten of those years were served as a window clerk. I dealt with money daily and our cash drawers had to be counted for accuracy every day. I was also Treasurer of my bowling league where I collected each team's money each week and deposited it into the bank. I also was responsible for paying the bowling alley and handing out the prize monies at the end of the year along with a financial report. For 20 years I was the office administrator for a small company in Pennsylvania where I was responsible for Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. I also made regular deposits and balanced all bank records. I currently keep financial records for my personal Embroidery business.
I would like to continue into the next 2-year term as your Treasurer/Purser and feel I have the qualifications necessary for this position. I am responsible, ethical, trustworthy, organized and capable of serving this club as Treasurer/Purser. I am willing, prepared and dedicated to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities that this position entails.
If elected, I will fulfill all duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability and will work with the board to ensure that all financial decisions are made with the club’s best interests in mind. I hope that you will consider voting for me in the upcoming election.
Thank you and hope to see everyone soon!! Stay safe!!

Susan Bond - Secretary / Yeoman

I, Susan Bond, place my name in nomination as a Candidate for the Office of Yeoman of the TBPHC for the 2 year term beginning January 1,2021. I declare that I am a Member-In-Good-Standing of the TBPHC and have been a Member-In-Good-Standing for the past two consecutive years and a member of the Fruitcake Board for a year.
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