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Helloooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!

What time is it?????????????

Time for a Phantastic meeting at Whiskey Joe's!!!!

Large check presentation for USF Endowment for Marine Sciences

Come early....stay late---Entertainment plays until 6:30-10pm...

Entertainment by:

Ray Boone

Drink specials: If you buy other than these specials - you will pay premium prices.

Jameson, Jack Daniels, Tito's, Amsterdam gin - $5

House wines: $6

Margarita: $7

Rum Runner: $7

Miller Lite / Coors Lite in a can: $3

Nacho's or Chicken Quesadilla: $7


Note: Membership, Sign-ups and Fins to da Left store are open 6:30-8pm only!

Sign-ups - Don’t be last Parrot Head out....

Island Jay's Beach Party at O'Toole's- need head count

Coconut Telegraph - List of members and phone number that are going to MOTM. This way yu can contact people while you/re in Key West. Let us know if you'd like to be on the list.

27th Birthday pins on sale for $5. For those at party that didn't pick them up, you can get the at Fins to da Left.


The Yard 10/9/21, Entertainment by Out of the Box, ​gate opens at 6pm and music begins at 7pm.

His music has echoes of all the legends of music from Cash, Elvis, Williams, way too many to list. A blend of rock, blues, americana, and songs that are true originals.
15 C/Ds and counting, Traveling and playing all over the world. If you dance to Zac, like Chuck, Keen, blues and the in between,  then you do not want to miss this concert.

BYOB, BYOC and a dish to pass. Donation $20 for artist.

Please RSVP.


Saturday, 10/16/21, Island Jay's Beach Party O'Toole's - Brandon, 6pm til?????
Giveaways...drink and food specials....Spin a Wheel to benefit Save the Manatee Club

Please sign-up so we have a head count to give to O'Toole's

Meeting of the Minds, 11/3-11/7/21 - Casa Marina
Stay tuned for full itinerary closer to the event

Save the Dates:

Buffett concert - 12/4/21
Holiday Party - 12/10-12/12/21
Music on the Bay - 3/2-3/6/22

FINS UP!!!!!

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