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​Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!

For those of you that are registered for MOTM, please see the below message....

Club Leaders:

WIth the 29th Annual Meeting of the Minds now just three weeks away, we are asking for your help to manage the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. As you know, the PHIP Board voted unanimously to implement a COVID safety and screening protocol as an alternative to canceling the event. The response was overwhelmingly positive and resulted in a vote of confidence in the form of a spike in registrations in the final weeks that will make this, with the exception of the 2016 25th Anniversary sellout, the most attended MOTM on record.

We have publicized the screening protocol through email blasts and social media, but email filters prevent us from reaching everyone. Since y’all know which club members are attending, we are asking you to contact them and make sure they are aware of the screening protocol. All attendees, participants, vendors, artists and sponsors are required to present a negative PCR covid test taken within 72 hours of registration and to be temperature checked. The negative test requirement is waived, however, for any attendee voluntarily providing proof of full vaccination (a Johnson & Johnson single shot vax by October 21 qualifies as a full vax.) We are attempting to pre-screen as many attendees as possible by having them upload proof of vax to motmvax at g<mailto:motmvax at gmail.com>mail.com<mailto:motmvax at gmail.com>. This will help everybody move more quickly through the process and on to the party and the music. It will also be enormously helpful to our volunteer registration staff if we are able to clear and expedite registration for most attendees.

We realize this policy is unpopular with some registrants, and we have attempted to recognize and respect differing perspectives. This is done with the hope that those who disagree will nonetheless come, ready to make a small compromise and then be filled up with music and camaraderie and Landshark, instead of coming with a feeling of having been disrespected. We hope that you as leaders at the chapter and regional level will maintain that tone and encourage that spirit.

Please encourage your MOTM attendees to watch for email blasts and social media posts for updates and potential adjustments to the process and to resources for testing in Key West.

Thank you for your commitment to the good of the Phlock. Fins up!

Rob Hill and Bill Connolly
MOTM21 Co-Chairs

Parrot Heads. We are insane AND responsible. It’s a potent combination.

Sue Kermis
Special Assistant to the PHiP Board
Florida Regional Communicator


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