Helloooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!
Have you made your plans for MOTM yet?????
I know that Parrot Heads like to wait until the last minute to make plans, but......
there's a few things to think about.....
Pre-pit Stop Party at Gil Dawgs on 10/29. Grab your room today!
What a Pit Stop party????
As Parrot Heads begin  the caravan down to Meeting of the Minds (MOTM), we stop, party, eat and drink with the many artists and PHlockers that are caravanning down too. Lots of PHun!
25th Meeting of the Minds...
Registration is open at www.phip.com
TBPH's 9th Annual Pool Party at Dante's on Thursday, 11/3 from 11am-3pm.
Over 350 Parrot Heads PHlock to our party and with good reason....
Don  Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers (including John Patti & Melanie Howe!)
Nikky, the Face painter, will be back. Spin a Wheel and much, much more!!!!
Who knows what Bill and Big H will come up with????????
Plus, TBPH is just PHun to party with!!!!