What an awesome 22nd Birthday Bash weekend!!!


 AND you should have been there!!!!!!!


Capt’n Harry, co-founder of TBPH, paid us a surprise visit to wish us a Happy Birthday.  It was an the cherry on top of our cake!


Teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Drink for all of the Volunteers!


It takes an army to run the show….and you guys made it run smooth. Thank you for volunteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeering when called upon for Raffle, Silent Auction (sales and collections), Registration, Decorating, Setting-up and Tearing down.


Special shout out to your Fruitcake Board, Bill and Helen Connolly, Parties and Events, Sharon and Mark Leverett, Charities

and Pete Sayles, Fund-raiser for collecting silent auction items from Pinellas County businesses’.  



TBPH 22nd birthday etched wine glasses – Jerry Kyte

Denim or Diamond outfit – Ileana Diaz, Jorge Diaz

Dunk your pepper – Jorge Diaz and Mark Leverett

Balloon Bump  - Team 1 - Joyce, Jorge, Kevin and Tim


 I'd like to thank each and every one of personally for the wonderful card and all of the caring notes that you attached to it. It means a lot to me that we have such a good club full of PHamily, Phriends and Cousins!


Even though you may have posted to Facebook, please send your pictures to photos@finsup.com so we can post on our website.


Lovely Lady