Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!

Joanna and Bev are championing the American Cancer Society, Saturday 10/22 and Alzheimer's, Saturday 10/29 walks, respectively. Even if you don't walk, you can go to the sites and give a donation.

A message from JoAnne Elefterion HillsboroughFLStrides@cancer.org.

Once again I will be participating in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk being held October 22.  In January I will celebrate my 5th year as a survivor. 

Thanks to all who have donated and participated in my annual raffle / fund raising events the amount I collect has grown with each year.  Last year your contributions totalled $3050, so this year my goal is now $3100

I appreciate all your support and want you to know that no amount is too small. 

I also know that many people do not like to donate on line, so there are other options.  If you go to my page below, there is a form you can print out and mail in with your donation.  You can mail it to me personally and I will turn then all in prior to the walk, or you can mail them directly to the American Cancer Society.  Be sure to make all checks out to ACS.

Please send them in as soon as possible so that I know prior to the walk, how much I need to donate to reach my goal.  I always do my donation last.  If I haven't reached the goal I donate whatever the amount is needed to get there.  Of course, if it has already been reached I still give a generous amount along with the money I spend on some of the raffle prizes.

Did you know that many employers will match your donation?  You can find out if yours is one of them by checking their name on the ACS site.

Once again I want to thank all of you for being so generous every year and I pray that one day cancer will be a disease of the past,

JoAnne Elefterion

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Tampa Bay- Bev is championing the Alzheimer's fund raising and walk this year.....
From Bev....

Hello Fellow Parrot heads;


TBPH will be supporting he Alzheimer's walk again this year.  The walk will be on October 29th at Bright House Field in Clearwater.  Sign in starts at 8 AM with the walk starting at 9 AM  With this early start the walk will be done well before noon, so it still leaves half of the day to accomplish other things.  We haven't had a very good turn out from our club in the past years; let's work hard to do better this year.


ALSO, let's remember that it's not really about the "walk" it's about raising money to support research to find a cure for this awful illness.  Dorothy advises me that PHIP is encouraging the individual clubs to make an effort to support Alzheimer's; so let's do our part.  If you can't make the walk, at lease give a donation; it doesn't matter how large or small.  If you want to give a few bucks at the meetings and Bev isn't there, give the money to Dorothy and she'll get it to Bev; or you can go online to make a donation 


It's simple; just go online to "2016 Walt to End Alzheimer's"  select the Pinellas County FL walk.    On that page you can select to "Register" "Volunteer" or "Donate"   Be sure to either register or donate to our team the 'POPTOP PARROTS"


Thanks for your support!


From PHIP:



Dear Club Leaders:
The Weather is getting warmer and the thoughts of Buffett concerts are coming to mind. It's also Walk Season for Alzheimer's Association around the county.  Now is the time to bring it up at your club meetings and register your club for your local walk.  You can register by going to the following link:
Get your members energized to raise funds by having each club member send an email note to their contacts list. Many of the local Alzheimer's chapters are offering incentives for members to register. Look in to it.
Someone develops Alzheimer's every 68 seconds with Alzheimer's disease being the 6th leading cause of death-and the only one in top 10 without a way to treat, cure or slow progression.  The Walk is a vital fundraiser to help eliminate this awful disease!!
We are off to a great start, let's keep it going!!!!!!
Bob Noonan
Alzheimer's National Team Captain
Chicago Club