CALLING ALL PARROT HEADS - last meeting to bring your goodies is 2/21/18:

Susan Seamon and Sharon Leverett are looking for donations for a new MOTB fund raiser, Korks for Kids. We need donations of Spirits or Wines valued from $20 or higher. We are looking for unusual items that you can't get just anywhere. (Example: we already have a donation of Rum Jumbie and Tequila from Cozumel). Please bring your donation to any meeting and give to Susan or Sharon or email to to let us know that you're donating a spirit or wine by Feb. 21, 2018.


There will be Korks with numbers on them relating to the bottles on the table and we will sell the Korks for $20 each. When all Korks are sold, you come up and claim your bottle. EVERYONE IS A WINNER! The only chance you take is what type of booze you will win. This will be a one day event on Saturday  during MOTB 

Also any raffle items for MOTB baskets.

Susan & Bob Seamon

May sunshine fill your heart and your day