Hi Fellow Parrot Heads,


I am Susan Seamon from the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club and the Chair of the KORKS FOR KIDS funds raiser that takes place at Music on the Bay. We are reaching out to other Florida clubs for help growing this fundraiser. What is needed are bottles of alcohol (wine or liquor, no beer please) valued at $20.00 or more and the more unique the better (but a good old bottle of Captain Morgan works as well).

I was hoping there is someone in your club that would be willing to champion this cause. Maybe just to ask members to donate or to solicited help from local liquor store or bars. After the bottles are collected I would be willing to come pick them up. I order to get everything organized by MOTB I would need to get the bottles by 2/20/19. My contact information is below.


I have attached a flyer and donation letter from MOTB that may help in getting some donation.


There will be Korks with numbers on them relating to the bottles on the table and we will sell the Korks for $20 each. When all Korks are sold, you come up and claim your bottle. EVERYONE IS A WINNER! The only chance you take is what type of booze you will win.


Would like to say thank you in advance for any help you can give in the matter.


Susan Seamon

Brown Eyed Girl


813-355-1668 ( text is the best way to reach me on my phone)