Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!
There's excitement in the air, as we turn our eyes to the weekend and get ready for the 25th Birthday Bash!!!
Costumes put together...Baskets are wrapped...boats are getting built and synchronized swimming teams are practicing....
Online registration ends tonight and price goes to $60 Parrot Head rate and $70 Parrot Head rate at the door.
25th Birthday T-shirts will be given out Friday and we will wear them Friday night.
If you can help transport raffle baskets from the Yard on Friday between 11am-2pm, please contact Sharon <okarone@gmail.com>.
TBPH is still in need of some volunteers. If you can volunteer contact Joyce at <kahluakutie17@aol.com>.
Listed below is the Volunteer list: Please note that silent auction baskets will be set-up at 4pm instead of 3pm. As you can see we really are in need of quite a few people. So remember you're parominse to "Volunteeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr when called upon"!
Wellllll, now is the time!!!!
Date Time Committee Volunteer
9/13 4:30 (setup), 5-6:30 Registration Patty O'Grady/Mike Coleman
  5-6:30pm Registration Michelle Smith
  6:30-8 Registration Carol Boecker
  6:30-8 Registration Kay Kessler
9/13 6pm (setup),  Duck Duck Booze Susan Seamon (Lead)
  6-7pm  Duck Duck Booze Esther Rodriguez
  7-8pm Duck Duck Booze Michelle Smith
  8-9pm Duck Duck Booze Susanne Sewell
9/13 4pm Silent Auction Set-up LaDonna Umberger (Lead)
  4pm Silent Auction Set-up Joe Neumeister
  4pm Silent Auction Set-up Joanne Neumeister
  4pm Silent Auction Set-up Karen Lancaster
  4pm Silent Auction Set-up Norm Lancaster
9/14 11am Decorations Ileana Diaz
  11am Decorations Dorothy Bedlin
  11am Decorations Joyce Cavaliere
  11am Decorations Denise Cone
  11am Decorations Jorge Diaz
9/14 11:30am-1:30pm Registration (Pool side) Michelle Smith
  11:30am-1:30pm Registration (Pool side) Kathy Quinn
9/14 5-6pm Registration Esther Rodriguez
  5-6pm Registration  
  6-7pm Registration  
  6-7pm Registration  
  7-8pm Registration  
  7-8pm Registration  
9/14 4:30-7pm Silent Auction LaDonna Umberger (Lead)
  4:30-5pm Silent Auction  
  4:30-5pm Silent Auction  
  5-5:30pm Silent Auction  
  5-5:30pm Silent Auction Carol Boecker
  5:30-6pm Silent Auction Kay Kessler
  5:30-6pm Silent Auction  
  6-6:30pm Silent Auction  
  6-6:30pm Silent Auction  
  6:30-7pm Silent Auction  
  6:30-7pm Silent Auction  
9/14 7-7:30pm Security / Silent Auction  
  7-7:30pm Security / Silent Auction