Sorry gang...Mayor Castor just cancelled River O'Green and St. Patrick's Rough Riders parade for this weekend.
Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!

Weekend PHun is around the corner!!!

Rough Riders St. Patrick's Parade, Saturday, 3/14, 7-10pm

Let's meet-up at 5pm at Elmer's, place our chairs and go back for eats and drinks. The parade ends further up, so we'll "cop a squat" around 17th street in front of The Dirty Shame.

Mmmmmm Paula's margaritas!!!!

Let's get our St. Patrick's on!!!!

The Yard, Saturday, 3/14, Chris Sacks, Gates open at 6pm and entertainment begins at 7pm
BYOB, BYOC and a dish to pass. $20 donation for the artist