As a reminder....

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!!!


From Our Capt'n Harry! Let's get started!!!! We ARE Parrot Heads and CAN make a difference!



Hellooooooooooo my Vintage TBPH friends. Time for us to make a difference again and “Leave the world a little better than we found it” and once we help do this and the pandemic is over, we will “ have that blast!” Below is a little something I came up with. I hope everyone will do it.


Finnnnnnnnssss Up!




Here is something very simple that we all can do to help our country/world get by this horrific pandemic. We all know the BIG 3 - SOCIAL DISTANCING, STAY AT HOME and WASH, WASH, WASH. We just have to do them and make sure everybody else does them too. That’s the problem. Everyone is not doing them. So let’s help solve the problem by constantly encouraging everyone to do them. It’s easy. Be part of the ME3-BIG3 MOVEMENT. All you have to do is every day or two contact via a call or text 3 people (the same 3) you know and make sure they are following the BIG 3 above. Also, share this with EVERYBODY, once a week.


This is where a pyramid scheme can possibly help save thousands of lives. 1 person contacts 3 people=3, then 3 contact 3=9, 9 contact 3=27, 27x3=81, 81x3=243, 243x3=729, x3=2187, x3=6561, x3=19683, x3=59049, x3=177147, x3=531441, x3=1594323, and so on until we have reached everyone in America, maybe the world. Just do you part - contact your 3 now and everyday!


It’s something we can all do and it certainly can only help. There is zero downside. Plus, you get to stay in touch with three of your favorite people every day. So right now, I mean like RIGHT NOW, share this via FB, Instagram, Twitter, texts and any other means you know and then immediately contact 3 people (or more if you wish) who you pledge you will stay in touch with every day or two. Did I mention DO IT RIGHT NOW - PLEASE!



Together we can help save thousands of lives! BE PART OF THE ME3-BIG3 MOVEMENT TODAY! Do it now! We can beat this thing. Be safe all! Love to all.

Capt’n Harry