Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo Tampa Bay Parrot Heads!!!!

Have you registered for Meeting of the Minds 2021?????? 

What is MOTM? Parrot Heads from all over the world congregate in Key West for a 4 day Buffett/Tropical Music Fest. When you walk down Duval street, you smile as you pass other parrot heads, and go "We are of like minds "! This year the dates are 11/3-11/7/21.

MOTM is going to be EPIC this year!!!! TBPH's "Dancing Machine Bill" has done a wonderful of bringing all of these great entertainers to us!! 

​2021 Line-up at the Casa Marina so far....

(1) Wednesday 11/3/21 Sunny James White   and the awesome Brendan Mayer Band . The first time at MOTM “Girls just want to have Rum “ And Don Middlebrook  finishing out day one!
(2) Thursday 11/4/21 Heather Vidal and Dennis McCaughey The Lighthouse Show staring Kelly McGuire and many friends. The Trop Rock Junkies (Steve Tolliver) from Tampa , Bill Wharton  (The Sauce Boss) Corned Beef and Curry band (Bob Banerjee) from Pittsburgh, Latitude Tom Becker and Michelle Orlandi Becker , Drop Dead Dangerous Full band (Melanie Howe and Kit Steadman), Paul Overstreet Music , Mike Nash  and Roger Clyde , Peter Mayer Group, Jimmy Maraventano  and The Young Rebel Gumbas from Long Island New York.
(3) Sunday 11/7/21 John Friday  Rich Schooner McGuire  and the Cabana Dogs ,  Bob Karwin  and Jerry A. Diaz  and Hanna’s Reef.

And if that isn’t enough to get you to go to PHIP.com and register for MOTM 2021 wait until we  share the lineup for Friday and Saturday night. Coming real soon.  

One more thing we have so many “Coral Reefer band members I don’t have enough ink to post... And of course we have the one and only Brent Burns .

Subject to change. Trop Rock Rules! Thank you!      

In addition, TBPH is hosting the 13th Annual Dante's Pool Party, 11am3pm on Thursday, 11/4. More info to come. 

Don't be the only Parrot Head let out!!!!