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Individuals who take methadone are under the care of a provider.


There are many requirements for Pain Control physicians which usually
includes monthly drug testing, reflex testing -especially for licensed


I would have the provider describe the program that this person is in and
require the employee to provide documentation monthly of meeting the
providers program requirements.


>From an employer standpoint, I would be concerned legally how I would be
able to  justify putting this person in a random program, when there have no
workplace incidents especially under the ADA.



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We have a candidate for hire which is a known methadone user. This candidate
does have a legal prescription for the drug but it makes me alittle nervous.
We are considering doing random drug screens for a period of time just to be
assurred that this person is not taking anything not prescribed. The
candidate relates that the methadone is prescribed for severe pain and has
been on it for the past year. Any thoughts and past experiences with this
would be greatly appreciated. 


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