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We do the same, but treat the borderline like we would as a post exposure, 
retesting in 10 weeks for annual testing.

Also, it helps to draw two tubes on the second dray...I can't explain, but 
that often gives us a result

If it remains borderline, we send them for evaluation

If the person is a new hire, we have to retest immediately, draw two 

If we continue to get a borderline result, they are sent for evaluation, 
either our board of health TB unit or an Id physician.

New hires are responsible for the cost, we assume the cost for the 

They must be cleared before they can attend new hire orientation.


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Yes,  had this happen more than once with T-Spot.   Per their website: 
What should I do with a borderline T-SPOT.TB test result?
Borderline results are clinically interpretable and should be followed. 
Retesting by collecting another sample is recommended. In a study of U.S. 
healthcare workers, 23% of subjects with a borderline test result retested 
as positive, suggesting the borderline category is useful in maintaining 
test sensitivity. Upon retesting, if the test result remains borderline, 
other diagnostic tests and/or epidemiologic information should be used to 
help determine the TB infection status of the patient.1
1. King TC, Upfal M, Gottlieb A, et al. T-SPOT.TB Interferon-γ Release 
Assay Performance in Healthcare Worker Screening at Nineteen U.S. 
Hospitals. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2015;192(3):367-373. 
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Subject: [MCOH-EH] IGRA
We use Interferon Gamma Release Assays ( IGRA) to test for tuberculosis on 
all new employees.  I have one new employee that I have tested twice (with 
approx one month in between testing) and both times the results were 
borderline.  Has anyone else had this come up and if so what did you do 
next?  This employee has no symptoms and no high risk activity such as 
traveling outside the country or having contact with anyone with known Tb. 

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