[MCOH-EH] Safety devices for shorter insulin needles?

Swift, Melanie melanie.swift at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed May 4 18:29:10 PDT 2016

Need your collective wisdom, MCOH peeps!

Our pediatric diabetes team is looking for an insulin syringe with a 6mm needle. They believe that  pediatric Type I DM pts are at risk for getting their insulin IM with the standard 1/2 inch needle, and they send patients home with a 6mm needle (which is a nonsafety needle for home use.)

Problem: the only safety device we've found in this length is a BD safety glide product that is basically a little hard cap on a sliding stick. It does not cover the entire needle, just bobbles out there like a tiny hard hat on the tip of the needle. I tried to activate and slid the thing out but it didn't catch - it slid back onto the needle, bending it sideways, then when I did get it to lock I had a completely exposed tip sticking out sideways. 

Anyone use this product and have experience with how it performs in terms of injury?
Anyone know of another short safety-engineered insulin needle?
Has anyone dealt with this pediatric issue of making sure the SQ injection isn't too deep?

Melanie Swift, MD
Medical Director, Vanderbilt Occupational Health Clinic

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