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Will you be leaving those up permanently? Is that something we could link to?

Michael Hodgson

On: 21 May 2016 01:58, "Dr Joe Fanucchi" <drjoe at meditrax.com> wrote:

Greetings, colleagues ...

Dr Amber Mitchell has generously made copies of her two recent presentations on the subject of Closed Systems Transfer Devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs. One is for oncology nurses responsible for rolling out compliance with USP<800> (more administration/program based). The other is for those with less expertise about hazardous drugs, so it has more background information and focuses more specifically on nursing practice as it relates to delivery/infusion using Closed Systems Transfer Devices (more education/practice based).

These presentations (in .PDF format) may be downloaded from the following locations:



No password is required for these downloads. Please feel free to forward these links to any of your colleagues who are not members of the MCOH-EH maillist.


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