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Hello Lisa
I just had the conversation about this with my boss 5 minutes ago.

When I researched this last year, I could find nothing.
Our facility participates in Truven reporting.

2015 data report from Truven identified the following:

·         Sample size of 31 -37 facilities reporting

·         Of those reporting, the data noted:

o   Average 9,588 visits to EHS

o   Average EHS FTE is 2.42

o   Average paid employees 1,745 covered by EHS

Now a simple breakdown and analysis demonstrates to anyone with some data savvy that this information cannot possibly be accurate-much less for determining staffing levels per patient visit.
Moreover, the determinants for reporting the data and 'case' definition for what constitutes a 'visit' were not provided for those of us doing the reporting.

So I think the data is VERY sketchy but our finance department is focusing on the fact that we have 3.12 FTEs and only have ½ the number of visits of the 'average' facility in the Truven report.

To try to increase ONE FTE I have produced significant justification over the last year:

·         productivity data by visit type,

·         time studies by type of visit,

·         data on # of phone calls and

·         total minutes of phone work per month (we have a computerized phone system that produces that data for us in one 5 minute request)

·         record keeping and required reporting time data

·         administrative time including

o   meetings

o   policy revision

o   staff ed and orientation

o   personnel task by administrator

o   finance processes

·         Documentation of potential for patient care, financial and documentation errors AND increased risk to organization and employees r/t poor staffing level

·         Staff burnout concerns

·         etc etc etc

All to no avail.

I look forward to others thoughts.

Deborah A. Sampson, PhD, APRN, COHN-S, FAANP
Employee Health and Wellness Services
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Good Morning,

I am making an inquiry about EH Staffing and hope to learn what others are doing.  I have a sense we are understaffed  and have been asked to  find out if there is a  standard or guideline. Please share with me your staffing pattern and whether or not there is  any staffing guidance.

·         1400  Employees students, contractors  =  EH Staffing - 1 RN

Thank you

Lisa Boruff RN, MSN, CIC
Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, Supervisor

Phoenix Indian Medical Center
4212 N 16th St.,
Phoenix, AZ  85016
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