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On 1/18/2017 1:56 PM, [name redacted] wrote:
> We are using Cerner as our EMR for Employee Health.  We ended up using 
> a one lifetime encounter for our EH visits and our WC creates a new 
> encounter for each injury/illness based on DOI.  WC then discharges 
> them when the case is closed, although she does have the ability to 
> re-open it, if needed.
> We are able to share information on immunizations throughout the 
> system, so for flu, if you got it at the MD’s office we could see it 
> and if EH adm the vaccine, the MD’s office can see it.


This is an excellent example of what I noted in a post just a few 
minutes ago regarding HIPAA compliance. If you store PHI in a database 
such as Cerner, it is almost always available to anyone who can log into 
Cerner. Although most employees may not care if a nursing supervisor 
knows they got the flu vaccine, others may be a little sensitive about 
their Hep B (or Hep C, or HIV) titers being readily available to 
coworkers -- including their ex who works in the pediatric nursery. Our 
legal advisors confirm this could open up the hospital to a potentially 
costly EEOC lawsuit.

You should ALWAYS check with your HIPAA compliance officer before 
storing PHI in an electronic database which is widely accessible.


Joe Fanucchi

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