[MCOH-EH] [EXTERNAL] Growing Pains for Centralized Employee Health

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We  made the switch to QFT in June 2011 for all new hires and keep doing PPDs on the legacy employees who have been on PPD for years  (although many request switching over which we are OK with as long as not going back and forth).  That said, use QFTs for all exposures to TB along with TB questionnaire; and use of course the manufacturer 0.35 cutoff for exposures; baseline QFT right after exposure and 10-12 weeks after exposure stopped if baseline negative.


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Hi Dr Thanassi and everyone, we are exploring switching from TST's to QFT for our annual screening.  For those who have made the switch, what do you do for exposures?  We have had exposures that have affected large numbers of staff and patients.  Do you do QFT tests on all them?  Do you use TST's at all in these situations?  Do you use the same timeline for post-exposure testing as with the TST?  I have heard anecdotes of late converters w/ QFT.  Thanks for any guidance and wisdom!  Best, Tim

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You elucidate well some of the problems with PPD and solutions that are gained by using a 1-stop, electronically captured blood test (IGRA). In January 2009 we switched all TB surveillance testing to QuantiFERON and our workload decreased precipitously, our onboarding delays dropped in parallel, and tracking was no longer an issue.

Every PAVA employee and volunteer has a standing order for a QFT at-will. They are sent an email to report DIRECTLY to the lab (we don't even place an order) on their birth month (but can go any time) and the lab will draw the QFT. I has worked beautifully for the pat 8 years.

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We are facing the challenges of providing employee health services to healthcare system that is growing a very rapid pace.  New clinics, off-site locations, and departments are being added monthly, if not weekly.  I have two questions for the group.

1.      One of our greatest challenges is in administering our tuberculosis testing program.  We currently place PPDs based upon the designated month for the employee's department.  It is becoming more and more difficult to manually update and maintain a list that is then tied to our electronic employee health record.  How do you administer your TB program? Do you designate testing by department by month, by the employee's birth date, etc.?  What challenges or advantages have you seen with your particular program method?

2.      If your healthcare system has gone through or is going through rapid growth, how have you managed providing fitness for duty testing and exposure management follow up to your off-site employees? Do you outsource, contract with other hospitals, travel, etc.?

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