[MCOH-EH] n95 mask fit questions

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I would recommend the following resources (see links):



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Hi Whitney,

Welcome to your new and challenging role on occ health!  In my experience, mass fit testing is not very effective and I avoid testing more than two persons at the same time.  Most healthcare employees are not very familiar with wearing and fitting respirators (unlike many industrial and construction settings) and more care and attention by the fit tester is needed to assure the fit.

You have a nearly wonderful resource, funded by a cooperative agrrement from the NIEHS, that might be of help, at the U of A Birmingham - https://www.niehs.nih.gov/careers/hazmat/awardees/uab/index.cfm .

Best wishes.


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On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 1:29 PM, Whitney Shores <Whitney.Shores at jackson.org<mailto:Whitney.Shores at jackson.org>> wrote:
I recently transitioned into the occupational health role for our hospital.  I am looking for suggestions on the best way to get the annual n95 mask fittings caught up and a good system to keep ensure continued compliance.  Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Currently employees are supposed to report to employee health to have their annual fittings and TST done on their annual hire date.  However, compliance is quiet low.   Also, I am looking for ideas on the best way to perform mass fittings for large groups, as I am the only health nurse for the facility.
Thank you in advance!

Whitney Shores RN
Employee Health & Wellness Coordinator
Jackson Hospital and Clinic
Montgomery, AL
Whitney.shores at jackson.org<mailto:Whitney.shores at jackson.org>
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