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Shea, Joann jshea at tgh.org
Wed May 10 05:01:47 PDT 2017

Good morning,

Our state passed a medical marijuana bill this year for persons with specific disorders such as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimers, etc.  The legislature is still finalizing the specifics, but we are meeting this month to discuss how we will manage an employee who has a medical marijuana card.    Because federal law still considers marijuana illegal and our hospital must comply with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act, I assume we will continue with not allowing marijuana utilization as an active employee.   We are considering allowing employees to take medical leave or FMLA while utilizing medical marijuana, but  most employees who are working will be taking it for seizures or chronic pain and will probably be prescribed to use it long term.

Any advice from other states where medical marijuana is used?   Thank you.

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