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A very interesting question.  We just ran our data and of the 697 suture injuries from our EPINet hospital network (last 5 reporting years), only 2 were from “safety devices” (blunt sutures) – 1 from sewing in a drain, 1 from C-section.

That seems to indicate that yes, they are working extremely well to reduce injury numbers.  As a comparison, for injuries from disposable syringes, we see about 30-40% from safety devices.

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 Have sticks gone done when using blunted sutures?


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I have not discovered great appetite by the surgeons at UCLA so far in spite of published data and meeting with them; starting with OB GYN here.  UC Davis Medical Center got OB GYN to use for muscle and fascia closures however; hence why I started with that department here.  Interested if others are having better luck.  Warner

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A recent article (link below) extolled the use of blunted sutures, when appropriate, in OR.  We are not currently using these devices in some of our ORs.  Do other facilities have experience with making blunted sutures available to ORs?  Have they been willingly accepted by surgeons?  Have you seen less suture BBFE?s because of their use?  Thanks for any feedback.  Best, Tim

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