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Happy Friday,
We are moving to a new performance management system. Currently employees are evaluated in the month of their hire date. All of their annual requirements (fit testing, competencies, etc.) are to be completed prior to their review and if they are not completed the employee does not receive any increases they may be entitled to until it is completed. This has worked fairly well in ensuring people keep up on their requirements. The new system will have everyone being reviewed in the same time frame. We are looking at whether it would make sense to do the same with our fit testing. Designate a month and crank out all the fit tests and be done. Then you address new hires as they start. There are pros and cons to either method.

What are you all doing? What has worked well? Would you change? Have you recently switched to one system or the other? If so, why? Really any pearls relative to this experience would be most appreciated.

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