[MCOH-EH] Varicella exposure

PRATER, DEANNA deanna.prater at bayareahospital.org
Wed Nov 14 16:23:54 PST 2018

I'm needing some help.  I'm new to the role of Employee Health.  Our Cancer Center reported 7 cases of shingles patients coming into their facility.  Some of these patients are sitting in a group setting, receiving chemo.  I made some inquiries about which employees had interaction with the shingles patients and requested either titer checks or records of titer checks.  There were 3 employees with low titers.  I have no idea what steps to take (in regards to the employees-I know concerns about the other patients is a whole other story).  I'm told all cases were non-disseminated.

If employees would request the vaccine, could they still work around these immunocompromised patients?

Also-if anyone has examples of exposure packets/algorhythms you use; I would greatly appreciate it.

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