[MCOH-EH] Employee Health/Infection Control Committees

Susan L. Guerin-Staples SGuerin at mmc.org
Thu Jan 10 09:26:30 PST 2019

Our Infection Prevention Committee (IPC) meets biweekly.  I chair the Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Committee which meets quarterly and minutes are provided to IPC.

>From an Employee Health perspective at IPC, I report on the following:

1.      Status of Influenza campaign - standing agenda item during flu season. % vaccinated % declination.  At the end of the season I do a summary of declinations, identify opportunities and         prepare the operating plan for the next flu season with any new strategies which gets reviewed with IPC and voted on for approval.
2.      If we happen to be collaborating with Infection Prevention on any outbreaks or significant exposures these are reviewed.
3.      As part of our Annual Risk Assessment I report on the following:
        1.      Blood Borne Pathogen Exposures
        2.      Outcome of Influenza Vaccination Campaign
        3.      Occupational Infectious Disease Exposure Summary (Vaccine Preventable Disease exposures, TB, Meningitis, Pertussis, etc)
                a)      # of exposures
                b)      # of staff identified for exposure
                c)      # with actual bonafide exposure
                d)      # at risk (vaccine preventable only)
                d)      # given prophylaxis if indicated
                e)      # of work exclusions
                f)      # conversions (TB)


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