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Therese Bovee-McKelvey TMBoveeMcKelvey at evergreenhealthcare.org
Fri Mar 1 12:44:23 PST 2019

Many of us screen documentation for proof of immunity and TB screening; for new hires and others who work at our facilities.

What criteria do you use when assessing if documentation is acceptable?   What is considered best practice?  I ask because this is an ongoing issue and there are differences in opinions.

Per CDC;

*         only doses of vaccine for which written documentation of the date of administration is presented should be considered valid.

*         Neither self-reported dose nor a history of vaccination provided by a parent is, by itself, considered adequate.

*         No health-care worker should provide a vaccination record for a patient unless that health-care worker has administered the vaccine or has seen a record that documents vaccination.

Vaccination documentation requires; Patient's name, date of birth, date administered, vaccine, vaccine manufacturer, Lot # and expiration date, and name, address and title of person administering the vaccine.

If you have  guidelines, process or procedure that you follow would you be willing to share that?

My practice has been: must have Name & date of birth of the person, date of admin, vaccine, address (or contact information) and title of person administering the shot.
We accept employee health records from other Hospitals & medical facilities.  However, I don't accept a vaccine showing as 1/1/XX,   I consider that a self-report unless I see the actual vaccine documentation.
TB skin Tests must show both placed and read dates with result or not accepted.

Thanks for your feedback,

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