[MCOH-EH] Provider Exams for New Hires

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Experience since the article cited below was published confirms the finding that few new hires require a hands-on exam to assess ability to do the sorts of jobs we have at Mayo Clinic, and those individuals who are subsequently found to be a “poor fit” would not be identified by a provider’s physical exam.

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Is an occupational examination superior to an occupational health history alone for preplacement screening in health care settings?
Newcomb RD, Molella RG, Varkey P, Sturchio GM, Hagen PT, Cha SS, Buchta WG.
J Occup Environ Med. 2012 Mar;54(3):276-9. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0b013e318246f1b7. PMID: 22361991 DOI: 10.1097

To determine whether preplacement recommendations following an occupationally focused medical history is different from those following an occupational consultation.

This was a retrospective cohort study of 172 applicants to our institution.

Following provider review of occupational history survey alone, none of the applicants had restrictions recommended. In comparison, only 163 applicants (94.7%) were recommended to be hired without restrictions following provider review of the same patient's occupational history and examination (P = 0.0078).

A well-designed questionnaire is useful for screening applicants for preplacement examinations and assures sufficient detail to allow for a large proportion of individuals to proceed to employment without an occupational examination. However, in this study, a small but statistically significant portion (5%) of applicants required occupational examinations for appropriate work recommendations.

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I was hoping to get some input from other medical facilities on this. When I arrived at my current job, the Employee Health team had not been doing provider physical exams for pre-placement medical evals for the hospital; we take a medical history, assess vaccinations, etc, and do a nursing assessment (vitals and vision test). Having come from the military, with a different approach to these things, I was a bit surprised.

I am now working on a re-write of the policy for new hires, and am debating whether to include a provider physical exam. What are other medical facilities doing? Is there a physical exam with every new hire evaluation, only in certain cases, or not at all?

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